Rae Lakes Loop and side trips.  Late August 1998, solo.

Day 1 - Depart from Road's End, hike to Mist Falls and Paradise Valley (3.5 hours).  Scared away a bear snooping for food.

Day 2 - Hike to Wood's Creek Crossing.

Day 3 - Hike to Arrowhead Lake, left trail and hiked west into Sixty Lakes Basin. Continued west to lakes below Mt Clarence King.  Lots of mosquitos.

Day 4 - Climb Mt. Clarence King from the south.  Awesome view. Descend to Sixty Lakes Basin.

Day 5 - Descend to Arrowhead Lake, regain trail and hike south to Rae Lakes. Nap, then hike to basin below Glen Pass (1 hr).  Beautiful sunset for photos.

Day 6 - Hike to Glen Pass (45 min).  Hike to Charlotte Lake via "shortcut" trail.  Bouldering on rocks at east end of lake.

Day 7 - Hike to Mt. Bago summit (70 min, no pack).  Terrific views of Great Western Divide, Kearsarge Pass, etc.  Hike trail south to Vidette Meadow, Junction Meadow, and camp at Charlotte Creek / Bubbs Creek confluence.

Day 8 - Easy hike down Bubb's Creek back to Road's End and a swim at Muir Rock.

Sixty Lakes Basin
Sixty Lakes Basin (looking north)

Painted Lady
Painted Lady at sunset (near Glen Pass)